Automatic authorization and version 2.6

In consideration of the high number of users requesting accounts on our server, and in order to streamline the authorization process for those accounts, we have made it automatic, so that as soon as the user requests an account, and if the data providers are valid, it is authorized instantly. We hope that this improves the usability of this application, especially with regard to the courses in which PHP Webquest uses, and that sometimes has not been possible due to the delay that was necessarily produced in the sending of authorizations.

On the other hand, we have fixed a security problem that we had detected, resulting in version 2.6. To update it, it is only necessary to install this new version in a new directory, using the database and the user of the version 2.5 installation.

Finally, we have also changed the international version, whose English translation was outdated and did not work correctly. It is available in the download section.

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