PHP is a programming language used to enhance websites built with HTML. It is server-side code that can add a log-in screen, CAPTCHA code or survey to your website, redirect visitors to other pages or construct a calendar.
PHP is a server-side language widely used in static & dynamic web pages and web apps. It is very easy to create web pages in PHP; hence, it is trouble free to develop functional code in hours. However, no matter the level of skill sets, there are myriads of mistakes that PHP developers make while coding. The errors in web development can do a lot of damage and push the visitors away.
PHP is one of the oldest and most used scripting languages for server-side development, and it’s powering over more than 42 million sites today on the world wide web, according to SimilarTech. PHP has certainly grown so much and matured over the course of 25 years, and the latest major release, PHP7 brought along many enhancements to the performance, boosting speed to up to 100% of that of PHP 5 and lowering the memory usage.
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Before launching into your social media marketing plan for your ecommerce business, you need to first get an overview of the distribution of social media usage. Given the growing penetration and usage of social media these days, you should start your marketing efforts by focusing on the platforms where you can find most of your target audience. To do that, you need to find out which social media platform has the largest user base.