Authentication error?

We have been receiving reports from users for some time that they create their accounts and yet the application does not let them enter. As we could not find any reason that would cause some users accounts to work correctly and others not, and we have done dozens of tests ourselves, the result of which has always been that the authentication worked perfectly, it has occurred to us to think of a possibility that we explain below:

We receive around 10 user requests on the PHP Webquest forums every day, from users who then post no messages. This has led us to think that perhaps those users ask for an account in the forums and want to enter the PHP Webquest application with the username and password of the forums. This, strange as it may seem to happen to someone, would explain all these strange situations, and today a message from a user of the Forum has confirmed to us that she did indeed want to enter PHP Webquest with the user of the support forum :-).

We ask the teachers of the courses where PHP Webquest is used as a tool to explain well to the students how to obtain an account in PHP Webquest, since authentication failures cause them great frustration and it takes us a lot of time trying to solve the problems that are caused. Thanks in advance to everyone.

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