Viruses in PHP Webquest?

Lately, we are receiving many communications from users of the NOD 32 virus who tell us that said antivirus detects a supposed virus in PHP Webquest. On the one hand, we are pleased to see that so many users are not only using the program, but also installing it on their servers, but on the other, we are concerned that they may think that we have put software into circulation on the Internet without being fully convinced that the security of its users is guaranteed. In this regard, we mean that:

  • We have written the PHP Webquest code ourselves, in the first person, line by line, so we are sure there are no viruses anywhere.
  • Even so, we have tested the program with several antiviruses to try to find out what the problem was, and only NOD 32 finds the supposed virus.

In this situation, the only thing we can think of is to put a warning here and another in the download area that PHP Webquest can be used without any kind of fear. Thanks to all who have notified us of the problem, and apologies to those who have not responded, because there have really been many notices received and it has not been possible.

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