Obsolescence problems and their resolution (momentary)

As many of you already know, it costs us a lot of work and some money to keep this site open, but we do it with pleasure because we believe that many users benefit from it and it is worth it to us. However, we do not have the time or resources to evolve the program, so we cannot carry out a necessary renovation of the database structure and an adaptation of the program code to the latest versions of the programming language in the which is based (PHP).

As a consequence of the above, we periodically have to change databases, which means that the WebQuests stored in the previous database are lost. In this case, to avoid this loss, we have arranged a new installation, in which the WebQuests that had been created continue to function, and the users already registered. However, new activities cannot be created at the following URL.

To create new activities, you have to use the link “Use PHPWebquest” in the block on the right, create a new user and proceed as usual. We hope that this compromise solution can be of use to you and we apologize for the inconvenience this mess may have caused you.

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