10,000 users

A few days ago we reached 10,000 registered users in the demo installation of PHP Webquest. This installation was born with the purpose that interested users could try the program, but it has ended up being a place where many teachers create their activities.

These more than 10,000 users belong to some 2,500 educational institutions around the world, and they have created some 16,000 activities between WebQuests, treasure hunts, and mini-quests, of which we have been deleting those that were clearly not finished or were simply test. Even so, there are currently around 6,500 available belonging to 118 different subjects.

The quality of these activities obviously does not depend so much on the tool as on the use that teachers make of it. Our goal has never been for users to create WebQuests of a certain quality level, but to have the necessary means to create the best possible activities without the need to write code or space to host their activities. In other words, we wanted to free teachers from the technical burden involved in developing a Webquest. Perhaps this is the time to also enter the pedagogical training of users.

In short, these figures, although they are not spectacular, are very important to us, since when the project was conceived its objectives were very limited and it never occurred to us to even think about a degree of dissemination such as the one it has achieved. It is really comforting to see that the efforts that have been made may have been helpful to someone.

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