Solution to links and version 2.7

Thanks to the collaboration of the Venezuelan user Pedro ChacínWe have been able to fix the issue that some users were experiencing regarding link editing. Pedro has passed us a code that prevents the problem from occurring, both in the creation of webquest and in treasure hunts or miniquests. This is considerable work; It is not only pointing out a problem, but also the solution, and that is something very rare in this world of free software, where most of the users are always willing to point out difficulties and request new features, but practically no one puts their hands in the mass in order to find a real solution. That is why we want to especially thank Pedro for his collaboration and we count on him for new developments that we can undertake.

Between this improvement and the previous resolution of the authentication problem, we have released version 2.7, which, although it does not represent greater benefits for users, does solve the two main problems that were being presented to us.

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