9 New Social Media Apps You Should Download

Before launching into your social media marketing plan for your ecommerce business, you need to first get an overview of the distribution of social media usage. Given the growing penetration and usage of social media these days, you should start your marketing efforts by focusing on the platforms where you can find most of your target audience. To do that, you need to find out which social media platform has the largest user base.

But these new social media platforms have continued to gain wide acceptance. Hence, instead of investing on the popular companies, one can gamble on these fast-rising apps like the games on online pokies Australia.


Octi is a new social network that uses augmented reality to connect people in real life. Members can make videos with objects and scenes and earn digital Octi coins as more people engage. Octi is backed by Live Nation, the global entertainment company.


Clubhouse is a popular social audio app where users can host discussions on any topic. Topics unfold in real-time. On Clubhouse, participants can sit back and listen, raise their hand to chime in, or host their own rooms. Originally an iOS app and invite-only, in 2021 Clubhouse launched an Android app and finally came out of beta, open to all.


CloutHub is an ad-free social network for civic, social, and political empowerment and engagement. Participate in intelligent discussions and debates. View and share content. Join groups. Get news updates and access to valuable resources. Take action to address the problems that impact you.

Twitter Spaces

Spaces is a new expansion of Twitter for live audio conversions. Twitter now offers the ability to host a Space to all accounts with 600 or more followers. Spaces are for small, intimate conversations or big discussions with thousands of listeners. Joining a Space allows listeners to react with emojis, check out pinned tweets, follow along with captions, tweet or direct-message the Space, or request to speak.


HalloApp is a new social network app for family, friends, and colleagues. The network is ad-free and does not collect or use any personal information. A phone number connects members. Chats are end-to-end encrypted — no one else can read them, not even staff of HalloApp.


Polywork is a professional social network in invite-only beta for users to create a free personal web page, share what they’re up to (personally and professionally), and send collaboration requests to others. Polywork was founded on the idea that people are more than the labels society has placed upon them, such as job titles and the schools they attended.


Yubo is a live-streaming social platform targeted at Gen Z (i.e., under age 30). Start a live video chat with up to 10 friends and even invite others to join. Swipe to find like-minded people, and discover communities. Yubo has gone through a few iterations, but the French social network has gained popularity over the last year thanks to enhanced integrations with Snapchat and YouTube. You can start a live stream while playing games at best online casinos usa.


Poparazzi is a photo-sharing app where members create social profiles. Members receive a notification when a follower takes a photo of them, and members have complete control of removing any photo from their profile. Only members’ followers can post directly to the profile. All other photos appear in a profile only after members approve.


Honk is a new real-time messaging app. There is no chat history or send button. Users see every message typed in real-time, with the pauses and emotion customarily missed.

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