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Netflix subscription: cost, how it works, how to choose

Are you wondering how much Netflix costs and what are the prices for streaming movies and TV series? The price of a Netflix subscription depends on the number of people affected, the number of devices, and the desired quality of content.

Not sure which Netflix subscription is right for you? We compare Netflix plans, explain how to save with a shared Netflix subscription and analyze what Netflix prices are to find an answer to all your questions.


After logging into your Netflix account, select Change Plan from the Plan Information section. Choose the desired Netflix plan, and then select Continue and Confirm.

It’s been a long time since Netflix’s early days when the streaming service only offered one plan for all of its users. Today the situation has changed profoundly, the platform can in fact boast over 207 million subscribers who use the service every month, each with different needs. And now that the prices of Netflix subscription plans have risen, except for the cheapest one, the Netflix subscription that maybe was right for you a few weeks ago may no longer be.

If you want to watch Netflix without spending too much, or if you don’t have enough connection for high-resolution streaming, it certainly won’t be worth paying the same amount as those who want to watch movies in 4K at all costs. However, while with the cheapest Netflix subscription plan you will still have access to the entire Netflix catalog, there are many compelling reasons (beyond video quality) to choose a Standard or Premium subscription.

In this guide we will guide you in the choice that best suits your needs, explaining how much each Netflix subscription costs, the resolution offered by each of these, and the number of devices on which Netflix can be used simultaneously.

Netflix subscription: frequently asked questions

  • How much does Netflix cost per month? The price depends on the chosen Netflix plan.
  • Does Netflix have an annual plan? No, the subscription is paid monthly.
  • Can I watch Netflix for free? Now that in Italy they have removed the free trial month, no, you must necessarily pay for the service.
  • How many users can watch Netflix at the same time? You can create up to five user-profiles and you can stream content to up to four devices at a time, depending on your chosen Netflix plan.
  • How to increase the quality of Netflix? If you are viewing content at a poor resolution, there may be an Internet connection problem. We refer you to the dedicated page of the Netflix Help Center to solve the problem. Remember that viewing in HD, in addition to depending on the speed of the Internet connection, is also linked to the subscription plan.

Netflix Subscription: Basic Plan, for those who are attentive to the wallet

You can’t go wrong with this plan. With just € 7.99 per month, you will have the opportunity to access thousands of titles, the same as the Standard and Premium plans but with a couple of restrictions.

You will also not be able to take advantage of the HD and Ultra HD resolutions, all the devices you have access to will be limited to streaming in SD (standard definition, 640×480 pixels), which is half of what HD resolution (1280×720) offers in terms of quality. and one-fifth of Ultra HD (3840 x 2160).

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Although a good number of Netflix content has been shot in SD (especially older ones like Friends and The Office), HD has become the standard for most new TV productions to date, so you won’t be able to appreciate the details and scenes. designed for higher resolutions. However, this is not a problem if you choose to view content on a smartphone or tablet.

Finally, the basic plan allows you to watch Netflix only one screen at a time , even if you can still associate multiple user profiles to the same account.

Netflix subscription: Standard plan, adapts to the most diverse needs

The Premium plan is the most expensive of the three, the price is € 15.99 per month, but it allows you to take advantage of everything Netflix offers.

What is most appealing to this plan is streaming in Ultra HD, which allows you to watch all 4K content the way it was meant to be. Of course, a great internet connection is required, but above all a 4K TV or 4K monitor, otherwise all your efforts will have been in vain.

This plan allows you to stream through four screens simultaneously – making it perfect for large families, beyond the advantage of 4K.

Which Netflix subscription to choose?

The answer is up to you. If you believe that you won’t be using Netflix very often, or if you want to subscribe at the same time as some other streaming service provider, the Basic plan is for you. If you intend to share the service with a friend or family member, or simply want to enjoy better image quality, then you should look at the Standard or Premium plan, after all, they are not much more expensive than the Basic one.

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