Fixed Database issue

Fortunately, we have been able to solve the problem that arose with the database. The demo installation of PHP Webquest has grown well beyond its initial purposes and the database exceeds 65,000 saved pages, so we have had to change the structure of the tables to adapt them to the new reality.

The worst of all this has been the reaction to some users. We have received protests in a very rude tone from people who seem not to understand that this website is free, that we do not get any economic benefit from it (in fact, quite the opposite), and that therefore, it is a lot or a little. that we do deserve at least respect. We want to remind these users that they have several options:

First, use other Webquest generators, also free. There is no obligation to use this one.

Second, they can install their own PHPWebquest on their own server, and thus they personally take care of the maintenance of the database, not giving rise to us having any problems

Finally, create your WebQuests by hand, writing HTML code, and thus not depend on any server.

The truth is that, when faced with things of this kind, it makes you want to close this website. We are not going to do it at the moment, because there are many people who benefit from it, but in any case, everything has its limits, and we will have to consider the future of the project in the long term.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this little database outage may have caused.

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